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The origins of Bargain Office Equipment

Bargain Office Equipment Started in 1980, we serviced the “drafting job shops” of Metro Detroit. We sold everything for the drafting room. From blue print paper to specialized 100mm grid stylus mylar. We also became heavily involved with used drafting equipment, such as drafting tables, blueprint machines, flat files, drafting machines, plotters, layout tables, etc.

We made the decision to switch gears from the drafting space to the office furniture space. We then realized we would require “mega space” compared to what we previously needed. We are now in our 3rd building since making that switch, which is a testament to the growth that we have had in the market. We managed to stay ahead of our competitors by following a few simple philosophies, keep our customers first, never under estimate the competition, and always strive to keep the value of our service and product as high as possible.

In 1996 we moved into a four story building on Michigan Avenue and 35th street that was built in 1913 as a cigar manufacturing factory. After occupying that building, we learned that Detroit was the capital of cigar making during that era.

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