Quality Restored

We Refurbish Genuine American Made Cubicles

We have a lot of experience at this. We have been pleasing customers for years and we have a proven process for a quality product.

Panels are stripped of side rails, electric, and feet, cleaned and expertly fitted with the new custom fabric chosen by the customer.  Stretching machines stretch the fabric tightly before the fabric is mounted.

Side rails go to our paint shop where everything is cleaned and prepped.

We use ultra-durable and long lasting electrostatic paint.

Raceway feet and electric components are cleaned and checked for function, quality and safety.

All file cabinets (Laterals, Verticals, plan files and pedestal files) get thoroughly cleaned and are painted.  (Exterior only) Work surfaces are inspected for, scratches, and flaws in quality and are replaced if needed.

Most orders take, however large usually take no more than 3-4 weeks, because we do all the work under one roof by one team that understands the needs of the customer and the value of a quality product.