Only the Best

Why We Choose Herman Miller® Products

We’ve sold a variety of manufacturers workstations in the past. With our extensive experience in the office furniture market space, we have settled on only selling one brand, and they are Herman Miller®. In our opinion, Herman Miller® manufactures the best cubicle workstations available.

A huge factor to us is that they are American made! Not only that, they are made right in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Herman Miller® is a true veteran in the office furniture space and they understand that ease of assembly is critical to customers, especially when shipping out of town. Our customers must have a product that is easy to work with and that can be assembled quickly and simple. Herman Miller produces every height cubicle from 32” tall up to 85” tall with doors if desired. They truly have the customers best interest integrated into their products which gives us confidence in working with their products.

So Whats the Difference??

Besides selling Herman Miller® cubicles we also sell many of their other products. We also offer their files, chairs, computer tables, conference tables, bookcases etc. Herman Miller® is known not only as an innovator, but their classic designs are second to none. Herman Miller® changed the chair world with the introduction of their Aeron chair, which has been a clear favorite with our customers. From the 1930’s Herman Miller® has been a leader in modern design of office furniture. Super designers such as Gilbert Rohde, Charles and Ray Eames, and George Nelson, have their names synonymous with Herman Miller® furniture.
There are even a number of “off shore” companies who have knocked off Herman Miller® cubicles. They tell potential customers “these are brand new vs. refurbished and are just like Herman Miller”. They are not! The level of quality and attention to detail cannot be reproduced without having to charge a substantial amount more. This is an example of a product that someone was trying to pass off as an authentic Herman Miller®.

What you can expect of Herman Miller® products

Herman Miller cubicles last a lifetime. We recently removed 150 workstations from a closed down General Motors engine plant that were dated 1968!! The cubicles themselves were in great condition. The fabric was outdated, as were the work surface colors. We simply added newer electric, changed the fabric, and they are living their life as “call center” work stations through out Michigan. This is just one example of how durable, reliable, and predictable Herman Miller® products are. We have as many other examples of quality products as we have customers, and we are willing to bet the success of our business on that quality, which is why we will be here for years to come!